Westpac Baulks at Real “Cost of Living” Pay Rise –
Urgent FSU Report Back Meetings

Our Union is holding report back meetings on Westpac’s initial pay offer…


Initial bargaining meetings were conducted over the last 2 weeks. At these meetings, our members’ claims were presented to the Bank and included the following themes:

  • A real annual wage increase of 6% just to keep up with the cost of living.
  • Measures added within the Agreement that address the ever increasing pressures around hours of work and workloads
  • Additional measures in the Agreement that provide more secure work for all Westpac Group employees into the future.

The Bank has now provided an initial pay offer that falls far short of current and projected inflation figures.

Cost of Living
FSU Claim
(year 1)
WBC Group Proposal
(year 1)
5.1% current inflation
5.9% projected inflation (Dec 22)
6% for all Westpac Group employees 3.5% (Tier 1)
3.25% (Tier 2)

The Bank’s initial offer of just 3.5% and 3.25% would mean a cut in real wages.

Our Union will be reporting back to FSU Representatives and members on the negotiations so far and  seeking your feedback. Make sure you’re informed by registering for your meeting here:
CONTACT CENTRE MEETING – Wednesday 15th June 7PM


RETAIL BRANCH MEETING – Thursday 16th June 7PM

Other matters we will report on at the meeting include:

  • Dealing with excessive workloads
  • Proposed changes to classification structures
  • Fair leave entitlements (e.g. paid parental leave, family & domestic violence leave)
  • Working from home arrangements
  • Job security & dealing with workplace change

These meetings are open to FSU Representatives, members and interested Westpac Group employees. If you are not an FSU member yourself, then let us know you’re interested by registering to attend.

Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary