Westpac can and must do better on workloads and pay

We are at a crucial point in the negotiations for our new Enterprise Agreement. Pay, workloads and job security are the main outstanding issues.

FSU members throughout the Group have reported that workloads continue to increase. Issues such as job cuts, workplace closures, workloads that can’t be completed within work hours, understaffing, and our need for a real cost of living wage increase, keep putting more and more pressure on staff. Something has to give!

This week our union leaders from across the Group sent a letter to Westpac, in response to the Bank’s all-staff bargaining update email on Friday 29 July.

All members now have the chance to back our message and send your own to the bank – as detailed as you choose.

Read our letter here:


Bargaining is at a critical point and it’s important WBC hears from all of us – send a message now to the bank’s EA feedback inbox.

Send a message to Westpac


Together we’ll show Westpac that real cost-of-living wages and the need for reasonable workloads across all Group worksites cannot be ignored any longer.

The Bank must do better by the employees who made the recent profits possible.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary