Demand Westpac agrees to genuine consultation around job cuts


Your FSU met with Westpac this week to demand a proper consultation process, so we can take back control over the decision-making around these abhorrent job cuts.  

We’re demanding that Westpac show some common decency by consulting with us early and thoroughly, so we can be genuinely heard and have choice and control over our own futures at the Bank.  

We demand Westpac adopt a consultation process based on the following principles:  
  • That Westpac establishes communication with staff and the FSU prior to any consultation about proposed solutions to problems.  
  • That a Consultative Working Group between the FSU and Westpac management be established to discussed proposed issues and potential solutions, which may lead to proper consultation with impacted staff.  
  • That the Working Group adopts an interest-based problem-solving approach involving:  
  • defining the problem, issue or opportunity; 
  • identifying the stakeholders and their interests; 
  • sharing relevant information; 
  • developing a range of options; 
  • establishing agreed criteria by which to evaluate options; and    
  • striving to reach consensus on the best available option or options. 
  • That the Working Group will try to reach consensus about issues and approaches, but acknowledges that this may not always be possible.   
  • That the Working Group will decide what information to share and the method for sharing it.   
  • That the Working Group will be a forum to discuss matters about health and safety as it relates to the problems and the proposed solutions.   


We also called for the following:  

  • That staff are able to participate in the process of assessment about their skills, capacity and career directions.  
  • That a hub for redeployment opportunities across Westpac be developed to simplify the process of redeployment and maximise the opportunities to retain work where staff wish to remain employed.   
  • That staff be provided with more assistance to develop and review their resume and interview skills during assessment and the process of redeployment.   
  • That a retaining fund be established where staff can apply for funding for career-relevant training of up to $5,000.