Westpac Group branch changes:
What have FSU members said?

A number of weeks ago your Union conducted a survey of Westpac Group branch staff affected by changes introduced by the Bank.  These changes include the suspension of targets, changes to branch opening hours and new duties around customer contact over the phone.

Many of you provided invaluable feedback on the changes. Here’ a small sample of what you said…


"Appears to be very little suspension on targets from last years. Only a marginal drop in most branches. Still unachievable."

"The targets have been suspended apparently but we are still being measured by performance. We are required to report daily on needs met."

"We are still being pressured on a daily basis to sell products… There is no “privacy” when discussing a customer’s banking needs at the counter as we are not allowed to use the offices at the moment. We should be getting customers served and out of the branch as quickly as possible. Yet we have a manager who sits out the back listening to every word we say and constantly asking us why we didn’t ask them about their home and contents insurance."

"Targets have merely shifted focus to other KPIs… Forcing some staff to be cold calling customers for the entire duration the branch is open and being made to hit numbers of calls per week, complete OCC, and provide insurance quotes all over the phone!"

"Targets are still expected in our branch, our manager tells us different to want the senior leaders are communicating. We are to report our commitments at the start of each day still which includes number of calls, needs met, conversations, home loans, insurance quotes, referrals."

"Targets were finally suspended 2 weeks into lockdown. But performance is still being discussed & was advised today we can still make proactive calls as [are] other branches."

"Expectation to still make calls and also try to get state home loan leads. In a time when we should be more about customer care than targets."

"To my knowledge westpac suspended targets during recent lockdown we still made “care calls” which customers appreciated a lot. Where there was no drive to “sell” just a genuine care being in an elderly community where a lot are alone was a nice change."

"I don't believe this has changed much at all just more emphasis on home loans and insurances and still expected to have all these customer interviews even with covid."
"Yes, closing at 2:30 but as long as we are finished out paperwork and tellers balance we can go."

"We close at 2.30 but the load of work does not allow us to leave to closer to 5pm."

"No still there till 5 catching up as there are staff shortages."

"I leave when my job is done this has not be a concern."

"Pressures to remain afterwards - BM getting angry when saying we need to be out the door by 3pm."

"It’s back to the good old days (10-3) many moons ago. Some customers are finding it difficult to get to the branch within the time frame. But [they] are impressed that the bank has done this for… staff. There are concerns that the bank may introduce these reduced hours permanently."

"Our RGM is absolutely hounding us for results. We perform as a region really well in most areas and lead the other regions in most metrics. Yet this isn’t enough and we are continually pushed for more."

"We still have to commit to goals for the week (i.e. how many home loan leads, how many insurances, etc, we will get). If we haven’t, for instance, got our HL leads for the week we are grilled that staff should be staying back beyond 2:30pm [and] continue calling customers. If you are short staffed and can only be reactive to foot traffic, you are not excused for not making calls. Your expected to stay back and make them."
We now receive calls on our work mobiles. So more interruption when we are with customers.

No but they want us to come to branch to serve face to face. [They have] also… launched a programme [called] v500 to serve customers over the phone from the Branch office itself.

Yes, I have been put on a “v500” program which I have voiced that I was not comfortable doing as we were only given 2 hours of “training” which was just a power point being read out. The targets for this have tripled from my regular targets with no compensation.

No change in duties.

Yes I am one of a few in each branch that has been asked to make outbound calls all day.

Our BM encourages the care calls. But I know the BM’s are getting pressured from higher so the calls are actually [about] trying to get business once we have asked [about] the customers well-being.
We aren’t using them at all except for our weekly service commitments.

End of day we have to write our calls and leads.

They are used with our name and how many calls we have made as well as CNRs we have up in a room for all to see.

Our branch has to submit daily reports every morning and afternoon as well as ten minute check-ins of what we have achieved.

Our end of day results need to be removed from there as all branch staff & visitors can see how badly or how good each staff member has performed for the day.

Get rid of it. Managers Not supposed to discuss our results in front of team however they are displayed on the board . Contradiction.

Make it all based on customer service with nothing showing about branch or individual sales results.

I don’t believe they should be used. It causes conflict in the branch as to how people get their targets/leads.