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for a fair offer.

Vote NO to bring Westpac back to the bargaining table.

We know our workloads are out of control.

Without adding protections for fair workloads in our new EA, nothing is going to change. This is what Westpac had to say about fixing it:

What has WBC management got to hide?

Our union representatives will be escalating this matter further. Right now, Vote NO to management’s EA proposal in the all-staff ballot.

FSU Q&A – Westpac Enterprise Agreement

Ask yourself why Westpac management are proposing a $1,000, taxable, one-off cash payment if we vote to accept their EA proposal? Why not just put that same amount of money into our base salaries? It wouldn’t cost them any more up-front and we would have a higher base salary that would benefit our ongoing superannuation. A higher base salary increase would also mean that our future pay increases would be based on that higher amount with a compounding affect in the years to come.

Let’s be clear, a one-off cash payment will result in less income for staff in the future compared with putting that same amount of money into our base salaries. A savings for Westpac and a loss of potential income for us.

  • Westpac management are hoping that we will accept this one-off payment and not notice that our real wages are falling further and further below inflation and cost of living.
  • Westpac management are hoping we won’t notice that they plan to cut our employee consultation time by 29% when slashing more than 15 FTE permanent positions.
  • Westpac management are hoping we won’t notice that their EA proposal further formalises the requirement that all of us (packaged and now including unpackaged) will need to work additional hours each week to meet our workloads.
  • Westpac management are hoping that we won’t notice that staff in remote areas who currently receive a district allowance and remote location leave will lose these ongoing entitlements.
  • Westpac management are hoping we won’t notice that they have given themselves more power and discretion over whether you receive redeployment or retrenchment if your position becomes redundant.

If staff reject Westpac management’s EA proposal, the Bank will be under enormous pressure to return with a better offer.

In recent years ANZ employees voted NO when ANZ put an inferior proposal out for ballot without the support of Union members. FSU members and staff won that ‘NO Vote’ campaign and ANZ returned with a far better pay offer shortly after.

Voting NO at the ballot will provide an incredible opportunity to achieve a real pay outcome that addresses the enormous inflationary pressures we all face and matches other employers within our industry.

Under our current laws an employer can put an EA proposal to staff at any time. However, this provides an important opportunity to send a strong message to the bank.

Make sure that you are ready to vote no on ballot day and please talk to your friends and colleagues about voting no as well.

Management are obligated to give all employees covered by the EA one week to consider a draft of their proposal before the ballot is conducted. Management will provide instructions on how to vote in the upcoming ballot. This usually involves an electronic link provided by an independent provider.

Look out for more information on this when the ballot date is announced.

To win our campaign it will take a majority of employees who vote in the ballot to vote NO.

This means that if more than 50% of all those who vote reject Westpac management’s offer, the proposal fails and we will initiate further negotiations for improved outcomes.


Compare Westpac management’s EA pay position to FSU members’ position. What will be the difference after two years? Real impact on your pay

Latest Updates from the Westpac EA2022 campaign

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