Westpac Group HFM Issues Raised

In December, your FSU representatives met with Westpac Management and outlined a number of important issues facing HFM employees. These issues were identified through various FSU forums and meetings.

The HFM matters raised at the meeting included:

  1. Extended hours of work
  2. Increased workloads
  3. Information technology problems (OPB)
  4. Unreasonable targets
  5. Need for further training and support

In responding to the issue of extending the hours of work, Westpac were very clear – no HFM should be required to work unreasonably excessive hours or beyond the arrangements allowed for in the Westpac Enterprise Agreement. If you believe you are still required to work unreasonable extended hours then you should discuss this with your manager or contact your Union on the details below.

In regard to the broader issues, Westpac reported on a number of initiatives that had been put in place over previous weeks and months. While these initiatives are welcome, many of the issues will require long term and ongoing attention.

To hear a report back on Westpac’s HFM initiatives and provide feedback on their implementation so far, attend the lunchtime meeting scheduled for:

Wednesday 13 January at 12:30pm.

Register here.

Yours views matter so please take the opportunity to provide your feedback.

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary