Westpac Group - Members Endorse FSU Claim

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Members Endorse FSU Claim for New Westpac Group Enterprise Agreement

Over the last month FSU members across the country attended workplace meetings to hear and discuss the details of the FSU claim for a new Westpac Group Enterprise Agreement.  Members overwhelmingly voted to endorse the claim, identifying pay, job security, workplace culture and conduct as key issues to be addressed in negotiations.

FSU Team Presents Claim to Westpac

On 3 July the FSU Negotiation Team – comprised of Westpac National Enterprise Council Deputy President Sacha Hammersley, St George National Enterprise Council President Susanne Pearce, and FSU Officials Joanne Nava and Lien Sutherland – presented the FSU members’ claim to Westpac.

Next Steps

Negotiations will continue: Westpac are due to provide their proposals for a new Westpac Group Enterprise Agreement to the FSU Negotiation Team over the coming days.

Look out for updates on negotiations as progress is made over the coming weeks.

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