Enough Is Enough – Tell Westpac We Are Not Working For Free

Westpac Contact Centre Overtime Calculator

What time do we really start work 

Every minute we are logging onto our systems, or reading emails before our shift starts is time and money Westpac are stealing from us 

Westpac requires us to work this extra time, they know we are working it, and they know they are not paying us. 

Time to tell them enough is enough. 

Use the calculator below to find out how much money or time you might be owed in unpaid overtime.  

Your colleagues at the Lomond Contact Centre stood together last year to tell Westpac that we deserve to be paid for all of the time we work.  

We will be progressing our dispute, and want to give you a final chance to join with us.   

If your time and money is important to you, if you want to be paid for the hours you work, if you will stand with us to tell Westpac enough is enough, add your details below.

The last day to register for this dispute is 2 April 2021.  Add your details below and we will be in touch.

In Unity,

Sacha Hammersley
Westpac Local Enterprise Council President

Westpac Overtime Pay Calculator

Use this calculator to see how much time you’re at work and not being paid. Remember that your personal circumstances are important when assessing if you are owed time or money by Westpac, so make sure you complete all of the fields below so that we can assess your individual case.