Westpac Lomond

LAST CHANCE - find out how much you could be owed!

Dear Colleagues,

We recently asked you: how much time do you spend every day getting your systems up and running and reading your emails and alerts? 20 minutes? 40 minutes? More?

We all know Westpac expects us to do that work in our own time, for free. But 20 minutes a day adds up. For many of us, it adds up to $2000 a year if we’re paid at our usual rate.

Last year, a group of us stood together to raise a dispute with Westpac – to be paid what we’re owed for all the time we actually work.

So far, we’ve been able to triple the number of Lomond Contact Centre employees who have been willing to stand with us

This is your LAST CHANCE to join us.

The dispute will stay open until close of business TOMORROW (Friday, 16th of April).

Click here to find out how much money Westpac might owe you in unpaid overtime.

We deserve to be paid for all of the time we are working. Stand with us to tell Westpac that enough is enough.

In Unity,

Sacha Hammersley
and your FSU Reps

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary