Westpac slash 45 roles from Premium Banking

FSU members are already reporting they are working longer, harder and being asked to do more work with less staff.

Westpac have announced plans that will see an overall reduction of 45 roles from their Premium Banking business.

FSU members are already reporting they are working longer, harder and being asked to do more work with less staff. Increased regulatory and compliance requirements must be factored in to the time staff spend doing their job – and staffing numbers need to reflect this important work. Cutting 45 jobs does not meet the needs of customers or staff; it’s about cutting costs to increase profits.

Westpac have stated: “75% of customers are now digitally active” and “there is a smaller group of customers who want to retain a single point of contact through a relationship manager.”

Their proposal includes:

  • cutting 136 roles from premium banking;
  • creating 91 new roles in virtual teams; and
  • bringing all Westpac Premium teams together, reporting into National General Manager Home Ownership Distribution.

Are you Impacted?

If you are impacted and want to retain a role, speak up as part of the consultation process currently underway.

The Westpac Group Enterprise Agreement 2019 (EA), sets out your rights and entitlements, including what steps Westpac must undertake in consulting you about the proposed branch closures.

The agreement provisions include:

  • Genuine consultation periods to consider members’ feedback about proposed changes;
  • Measures Westpac will take to mitigate the adverse affect of the change; and
  • A fair redeployment process that includes access to case managers and consideration of employee preferences.

Will you be asked to do more with less staff ? What you can do…

During the consultation period make sure you speak up about any concerns you and your colleagues may have – Westpac is obliged to consider your ideas and provide responses before a final decision is made.

When providing your feedback on the proposed change, some things you should consider are how the proposed change will impact work flow, quality of service provided, and workloads.

If you are impacted, make sure you get all the facts. You can:

  • Speak to your FSU Workplace Rep or Organiser
  • Join the FSU online today at www.fsunion.org.au
  • Arrange to hold a workplace meeting to discuss the impact on you and your colleagues
  • Contact our Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378 to get further information and advice

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