Westpac’s Current Enterprise Agreement Offer Falls Short

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Negotiations are underway between FSU and Westpac for a new Westpac Group Enterprise Agreement.

Westpac’s current proposal fails to address staff’s expectations on key issues of pay, job security, workplace culture, and fairness.

Here is the FSU assessment of Westpac’s current offer:



Failing to guarantee tier 3 staff (earning between $106 501 and $160 000) a fixed pay increase in the EA is failing to deal with conflicted pay models, which undermines trust and confidence.

Offering just 2% to tier 2 staff (earning between $82,501 and $106,500) is inadequate.

Behaviour ratings need to be able to be disputed on a quarterly basis.

No increase to super over the life of the agreement will leave staff short in retirement.



The Future of Work Role and Westpac Institute are good initiatives but require more details.

Any changes to the definition of comparability without protections for workers risks workers being forced into jobs without any choice as they endeavor to fairly transition to jobs of the future.

Denying BT workers the same Redeployment, Redundancy and Retrenchment rights, as other staff is unfair.



An increase to 20 days Domestic Violence leave for staff experiencing domestic and family violence is industry-leading and welcomed.

Attacking the loadings for additional part time hours worked at short notice shows a lack of respect for staff by providing greater flexibility for customers at the expense of workers, and is unacceptable.

A range of new stuff like ‘Sorry Business’ leave and Australian Defence Force leave is welcome.

Removing the call for volunteers 8 weeks before a public holiday in some circumstances based on rostering requirements is not good enough – a more transparent process is required.

Changes to notice requirements for ceasing night, early morning or weekend work as part of ordinary hours should not mean an employee bears the responsibility to find a suitable replacement.

Let us know what you think of Westpac’s current offer by emailing your feedback to wbccampaigns@fsunion.org.au

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary