We’ve met with Westpac. Accurately recording your hours is crucial

As unpackaged employees, Westpac has a legal obligation to keep accurate records of the time you work, and how much you are paid.

This means that Westpac cannot knowingly keep records that it knows are wrong, or encourage you to keep records of when you work that are not accurate.

If your hours are not being recorded correctly, or you’re getting pressure to put down the wrong hours, report it now HERE!

Our Meeting with Westpac

Last week, we met with Jason Core and Michael Johnston to discuss our workloads and our hours of work.

We told them:

  • We are being told that overtime will not be paid, and we can only record our rostered hours, not the actual hours we work.  We also told them that even when we do submit accurate timesheets, they are sometimes altered;
  • We cannot finish our work in our rostered hours – the essential jobs we need to finish to help customers and properly close the branch means we are working past our rostered finishing time.

We told Jason and Michael that we just want to leave work on time, and if we can’t, to get paid for the work we do. Simple.

Jason and Michael acknowledged that there are certain areas where workload issues exist but said there are no systemic issues.  Our experience is different.

We will meet with Westpac again soon to keep raising these issues.

Want to know how you can help?

  1. Always record your actual start and finish time on your timesheets. If anyone asks you to keep inaccurate records of your working hours, contact your union immediately.
  2. Overtime is paid only if Westpac approves or directs you to work overtime. So, if you are needed to work past your rostered hours, first confirm with your manager that you are being required to stay back and then record all of the hours you work.

We want to hear from you!

CLICK HERE to report any issues with unpaid overtime, or recording the hours you’re working.

Share this update with your work mates – we can only fix these issues by working together.  If you or your colleagues haven’t yet joined our FSU community at Westpac, click here.

We’ll be in touch with another update soon.

Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary