We've won on how relief is allocated within our region

On behalf of FSU members in Westpac Retail SA City and Northern Metro region we met with RGM Karen Darby on 22 October via zoom to raise concerns about how relief is allocated in our region.

Our FSU delegation shared your stories of how the current system was impacting each and every one of us. We raised concerns about how moving between branches at short notice impacted your ability to meet targets, be reimbursed quickly for out-of-pocket expenses and meet your caring responsibilities.

Together we were able to secure a number of commitments from Westpac to ensure our personal circumstances will be considered when directing us to work at alternate locations. We secured the following:

  • Our personal circumstances that impact our ability to be in the wings, will be considered and adjustments can be made (E.G. a GP appointment or need to pick up kids from OSHC). Be sure to raise your personal circumstances with your manager before agreeing to work at a different location.
  • The process for applying for reimbursement through WEAPS will be communicated to ensure quick reimbursement. If you have issues with processing requests for reimbursement through WEAPS, speak to your manager or raise with your RGM – you shouldn’t be waiting weeks to get reimbursed for parking.
  • Any staff member who has difficulty meeting upfront costs associated with working at an alternate work location can raise this with their manager or RGM  for assistance to be provided discreetly and confidentially (E.G. can’t afford parking, no money for petrol).
  • With regards to performance measures and targets if you are working at a different work location, this will be taken into account. Ensure you raise this with your manager during your 10 minute check-in – If you’re a PBA and have appointments raise this with your manager when asked to work at a different branch.
  • If you are driving you are not expected to answer the phone. You can check your phone when you arrive at your destination – your safety is the most important consideration.

This is a win for FSU members in our region. We congratulate you for stepping forward, and working together to secure these improvements.

If you need support or advice regarding this or any matter relating to your rights at work, come and see us, you can send us a message in Teams to ask for a chat. You can also contact the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378 8am-6pm (AEST) Mon-Fri.

In Unity,
Your workplace reps
Broni Mattschoss and Pauline Rouse

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary