What have ING staff said about staffing and workloads?

Last month your Union conducted an audit with ING staff around staffing and workloads. Many of you provided invaluable feedback and a number of issues have been identified that will require escalation.

FSU will be reporting back to members with all the detail. In the meantime, here are some key points:

  • 66% of respondents said you were dissatisfied with staffing levels in your team or workplace. 40% said you were very dissatisfied.
  • 40% of you said there were vacancies in your workplace.
  • 73% of you said the Bank has not provided enough staff for you to perform basic duties and fulfill all of the requirements of the role during business hours.
  • 26% of you said that you did not get enough time to have lunch and go on toilet breaks.
  • 66% of you said that you have raised concerns around staffing with your manager.

While respondents’ confidentiality will be maintained, here’s a small sample of what you said…

“… work is spread out between the rest of the team if the role calls for it and pushes staff members to the limit… The work load is obscene mortgage services team which is part of operations.”

 “There has been mass resignations in all departments in operations from card services, business application team, mortgage services, credit assessment, valuation team, commercial mortgages etc etc.”

 “[ING] regularly expect employees to cover additional positions while these are being recruited, or whilst employees are on extended leave. This can amount to up to an additional full-time load on top of your own workload.”           

“At times the management requests overtime and I get paid for this. But on a daily basis I need to work at least two extra hours every day to finish my job due to heavy load. If I do not do this I will not meet my allocation targets.”

 “I have my coaching once a month but I can’t upskill due to the workload let alone be trained properly. I can’t do anything to better myself in the business other than stay in my role as it’s too busy and understaffed.”

85% of the time our team meetings/coaching/training will be moved due to the workload of the day.”

 “Hire more staff…. This is not just for our department… but all the departments are experiencing the same thing. The customers complain because they spend hours of the phones trying to contact us”.