We want to hear from every team across ME

Today, many of us came together to talk about what comes next for everyone working at ME.

As ME transitions to Bank of Queensland ownership, we have an opportunity to tell BoQ CEO George Frazis what is special about ME.

He’s seen our org chart.  He knows all about the balance sheet.  But he doesn’t know what makes ME tick.  And he doesn’t know what makes ME special.

For all of us to thrive at work, and for ME to do great work for our customers, George needs to know exactly what it is that makes us unique.

This is how we protect what is special about ME.  This is how we protect our culture so that ME remains different to the big four, and somewhere we are happy to work.

We are writing to George Frazis to request a meeting to tell him what he needs to do to protect what makes ME special.

We need to hear from you!

Click here to tell us what you think makes ME special.

It could be flexible working, and the ability to work from home.  You might love our values and how we live them every day.  For some people, it will be how connected we are to the senior leaders in ME.  Whatever it is, we want to hear from you.

You won a 3% pay increase and backpay by raising your voices together as a Union community.  This is our chance to stand together and tell George what sets us apart, and how he can protect it.

We want to hear from every team across ME, so please share this email with your colleagues.

In unity
Miranda and Yvette-Maree

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary