What needs to change at ClearView?

Your union, the Finance Sector Union (FSU) is negotiating with ClearView management for a new Enterprise Agreement. This is the legal document outlining our workplace pay and conditions.

It sets our conditions for years ahead – and this is our chance to make the changes we need to see at work. It’s up to all ClearView employees now, to join with our colleagues pressuring management for improved pay and conditions.

Join here and add your voice: www.fsunion.org.au/join

We are your union representatives and we are negotiating this claim on your behalf. A strong FSU community means that we can secure a better collective agreement.

FSU Log of Claims 2021

FSU members have shared what needs to improve at ClearView – and based on their input, we’re now negotiating to achieve the claims set out in our FSU Log of Claims: ClearView Enterprise Agreement 2021.

Here are just some of the changes we are negotiating for all employees:

An across the board guaranteed pay increase of at least 3.5% annually for the duration of the agreement backdated to September 2020.

Superannuation to be 0.5% above legislated guarantee. Any increase is not to be absorbed into any annual wage increase negotiated by the FSU and ClearView.

Future of Work
Introduce provisions that provide employees with support, training and development opportunities to access the jobs of the future.

Parental Leave
Remove the distinction between primary care giver and non-primary care giver.


If you have any other questions or thoughts about the bargaining process, reply to this email.

In unity,
Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary