Will David Carter Listen Now?

Members have once again backed themselves and voted down David Carter’s pathetic deal and dirty tactics. Almost 53% of those that voted rejected the barely improved offer since it was first voted down back in May.

To put RACQ’s offer of 3.25% in perspective, just this week the Reserve Bank predicted that inflation may rise as high as 7% and the Fair Work Commission increased the minimum wage by 5.2% and the Banking, Finance and Insurance Award by 4.6%.

Members have previously expressed no confidence in David Carter’s negotiators and called on him personally to get involved, which he refused to do. We hope that Mr Carter will now listen to the voices of staff and make a fair offer.

As agreed by members last week, we will now seek the assistance of the Fair Work Commission to secure a fair deal that actually confronts the enormous cost of living issues that we are all facing today.

We will keep members updated on our progress in the Fair Work Commission.

You should all be congratulated on your showing of solidarity and support for one another to get a better deal.

In unity,

FSU RACQ Rep. Heather Carr