WIN!! Hostplus announces working from home for Winter

Together we won!

On Monday we wrote to Hostplus CEO David Elia about the serious health risks posed by COVID-19 and asked that Hostplus allow us to work from home wherever possible.

You can read our letter here.

We noted that COVID-19 infections and hospitalisations are dramatically increasing – including with the Omicron sub-variants BA.4 and BA.5. Under work, health and safety laws, Hostplus has a primary obligation to provide us with a safe workplace.

Today David Elia wrote to everyone at Hostplus offering us the option to work from home Monday to Friday for the rest of winter. This is a huge change from the current requirement for us to be in the office three days a week.

Congratulations to all of us for making this happen!!

Now we need to build on this win to ensure that our right to flexible work is maintained long term.

We have shown throughout COVID-19 that we can work from home and still achieve great outcomes for our members. Flexible working helps us balance work with our family and life outside work.  It’s also a huge factor in protecting our health and well-being long term.

If you haven’t already, sign our statement of support for flexible work and please share far and wide with colleagues so we can get as much support as possible.

Together we will win long-term rights to flexible work at Hostplus!

Your FSU Hostplus representatives



Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary