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WIN: Remote working arrangements honoured thanks to the FSU

When Amanda (not her real name), a single mother working for one of the big four banks, found her internet access suddenly cut off by her employer, she didn’t know where to turn.    

Juggling her job and family responsibilities was already challenging, and she now faced additional financial strain. Fortunately, Amanda was a member of the FSU and reached out to the FSU’s Member Rights Centre (MRC) for help.    

Upon contacting the MRC, Amanda was connected with an FSU Advocate who listened to her story and immediately contacted her manager on her behalf. While the bank claimed providing Amanda with internet was not in her initial agreement, we held firm, highlighting that Amanda had been contracted to work in South Australia but resided in Western Australia. This made it clear that her remote work arrangements were an essential part of her employment agreement, and that she required internet to fulfil her role.   

The sudden change to her internet access not only disrupted her work but also caused her significant stress. Through the FSU’s intervention, Amanda’s employer agreed to reimburse her for her internet expenses after she chose a new provider. We also fought for and won Amanda a week of special leave to compensate for the distress and inconvenience caused by the sudden internet cut-off.   

Amanda’s story emphasises that the FSU can only help when members actively reach out for help. By contacting the MRC early on, Amanda was able to resolve her issue in a timely manner, minimising the negative impact on her life. The earlier you reach out, the better your chances of finding a solution before your situation worsens.   

If you’re not already a member of the FSU, consider joining today. Working together, we can make a difference to lives across the finance sector, for people just like you and Amanda. Remember, you have a voice and support system within the FSU, but only if you take the initiative to seek help. 

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary