26 November 2019

Workers face uncertain future with offshoring back on the agenda

Today Brian Hartzer announced he will be stepping down from his role as Westpac CEO.

Today Brian Hartzer announced he will be stepping down from his role as Westpac CEO. Mr Hartzer has stated that he was ultimately accountable for the serious situation the bank now faces, failing its legal obligations around money laundering and counter-terrorism financing.

Offshoring Australian Jobs – Another Bad Decision for Staff and Customers

In the background of the current scandal, Westpac are also proposing to offshore Australian jobs as they go about a cost cutting exercise.

The Finance Sector Union is calling on Westpac to cease all offshoring of Australian jobs as it is not in the interest of their staff and customers.

Join our campaign calling on Westpac to keep Australian Jobs and stop offshoring by signing our petition here.

The bank is proposing to cut 16 roles from the Personal Banking Service Centre, Everyday Banking – policy and procedure team. These Westpac Workers support frontline retail staff across the country by providing advice on complex issues and ensuring correct process and procedures are followed.

This is exactly the sort of skilled advice that could have helped prevent the Bank’s current scandal.

The FSU are concerned that more areas are in scope for offshoring. The bank have also recently decided to pursue offshoring of the ATM strategy team, services team and leasing teams, resulting in a further 18 Australian jobs being sent offshore.

Staff Pay the price for Bad Management Decisions

Westpac workers are dealing with the public fallout from this disaster; they are in no way responsible, yet are copping even more bad decisions from the Group Executive team.

In an extraordinary move, Westpac Group Executives have decided to cancel all staff Christmas parties and public gatherings as they attempt to batten down the hatches and avoid further bad publicity.

This decision to cancel Christmas parties is a slap in the face for staff who have worked hard all year. At the same time as being advised their Christmas parties were cancelled, retail staff were told they need to sell more mortgages.

In Unity,
Julia Angrisano
National Secretary, Finance Sector Union

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