Working From Home:
Guide to Best Practice

The benefits and risks of WFH for Finance Sector Workers

During COVID-19, many finance sector employers facilitated working from home (WFH) arrangements. This allowed critical work to continue while keeping employees safe.

It’s now clear the many benefits of WFH should be more widely available: reduced commuting time, supporting greater gender balance in the workplace, increased employee engagement and productivity, and greater ability to balance work and home responsibilities.

The FSU is committed to making sure WFH remains available to finance sector employees now, and into the future.

Best Practice Principles

While WFH has many benefits for staff and employers, it is critical that workers do not bear the burden of this shift. Employers have the responsibility to ensure that good working conditions continue in the WFH environment.

These points set out the gold standard for employer policy:


  1. An employee must have the right to disconnect from work outside of their nominated working hours.
  2. Employees should not be encouraged to be constantly connected to the workplace through benefits or reward programs.
  3. Employees working from home should not be disadvantaged or discriminated against.
  4. Employees should be able to enter into and out of work from home arrangements based on their personal circumstances, responsibilities and preferences.
  5. Employees should not bear the costs of setting up or continuing work from home arrangements.
  6. Occupational health and safety risks and hazards found in work from home environments must be managed in the same way as they would be in a workplace environment.


Reference documents and Employer Scorecard

Click these links to open PDF versions of all the information summarised here.

Working From Home: Guide to Best Practice Booklet.

This booklet outlines in detail the key issues around WFH.

Working From Home: Best Practice Principles.

This one-page PDF condenses the issues into a single sheet for easy reference or display.

Working From Home: Employer Scorecard.

Fill out this interactive PDF to rate your employer against the gold standard!