The worst attack on workers' rights since WorkChoices

The Government will try to pass their dangerous IR omnibus bill today

The Government will try to pass their dangerous IR omnibus bill in the Senate today. At the very time that the economy needs higher wages they are trying to slash our pay; at the time we need job security they are making our jobs less secure.

This bill is the opposite of what Australia needs. The crossbench Senators are the ones with the power to reject this bill.

Can you contact a crossbench senator to tell them to vote No?

These Senators hold key votes to stop the anti-worker Omnibus Bill: Jacqui Lambie, Malcolm Roberts, Pauline Hanson, Stirling Griff, and Rex Patrick.

This is our last chance to let them know Australian workers don’t want this bill. Start today by contacting them on their social media accounts and tell them to Vote No:

Senator Hanson (QLD) – (07) 3221 7644 –

Senator Roberts (QLD) – (07) 3221 9099 –

Senator Griff (SA) – (08) 8272 7575 –

Senator Patrick (SA) – (08) 8232 1144 –

Senator Lambie (TAS) – (03) 6431 3112 –

Australia will be worse off if this legislation gets passed. Pay and conditions will go backwards – for you, and for your family members, your friends, and your children.

In Unity,

Julia Angrisano
FSU National Secretary

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary