You care about fair - why doesn't UniSuper?

Last week, you would have received an email from UniSuper about changes to your Employment Contract.

Many of you have reached out to seek clarity from your Union about what this means for you.

This Wednesday we will discuss our concerns. Register here to attend:

Urgent FSU zoom
Wednesday 1 Sept, 5:30pm AEST

UniSuper have framed this change in your employment arrangements as minor, with little to no impact on your rights and entitlements at UniSuper.

This is not true.

UniSuper is attempting to take your important rights and entitlements and put them into policy.

This would mean these important rights are not enforceable and can change at any time. You have no control or certainty about what you are really entitled to and you may lose a right you have held for years overnight.

This is a major change.

This is not normal practice for other Superannuation Funds or employers in the Finance Sector. It is not fair.

Your FSU sought an urgent meeting with Julie Watkins to seek clarity on several points of concern:

  • Putting your leave and redundancy entitlements into policy.
  • Potentially misrepresenting your rights in relation to the new contract.
  • Threatening to withhold future pay increases and promotions to you and your colleagues who do not wish to sign this new contract.
  • Including new clauses, or significantly rewording existing clauses in the new contract.
  • Not addressing the real issue which is the two-tier system created by not employing everyone under the EBA.

Your right to a pay increase, to protections in redundancy, and many other fundamental workplace rights are under attack.

We are holding an URGENT Zoom meeting this Wednesday the 1st of September to discuss our concerns and agree on our next steps.

Register here.

In the meantime:

  1. Reply to this email with any questions or feedback (this will be kept confidential).
  2. Forward this email to your colleagues.
  3. Invite them to attend the Zoom.
  4. Discuss the importance of joining the FSU with them.

The only way to protect our pay and conditions at UniSuper is by standing together.

In unity,
Your FSU team

Matt, Anita, Justin, Rihanna, Nicole, Alex and Laf.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary