You Moved CBA on Pay!

Bargaining Update

Yesterday the FSU met with CBA to discuss the outstanding items for the 2020 agreement.

We can report that while we are not yet in a position to agree on the outstanding matters of concern, they have moved significantly towards one of our key claims.

CBA have revised their position on pay such that they will now offer 3% to all pay grades in 2020 (backpaid to 1 July) and in 2021 they will offer 3% to all employees under $110,000. The FSU has again clarified that this fixed increase is to be applied to both EA and IA staff and the CBA agreed.

This is SIGNIFICANT progress, and is directly attributable to your extraordinary unity over the past weeks, and to your actions at the AGM this week.

Congratulations to everyone who has taken action on this so far. We’re now one big step closer to a fair agreement at the CBA thanks to you all.

This pay offer from CBA still has a few problems that we need to resolve before we can agree:

  • CBA still want to break everyone up into “tiers” (under 75,000, 75,000 – 110,000 and 110+) Our solidarity has brought us this far, we can not agree to be divided along salary lines into the future. There is no benefit to any worker to having these tiers in the agreement.
  • Their offer maintains a pooled arrangement for staff paid more than $110K+ in 2021. We can’t agree to this. We’ve stood together regardless of our salaries to get to 3%, we should not leave these colleagues behind.
  • They’ve agreed that this will go to IA and EA staff. We need to lock this commitment in – and we need to understand their intentions for our colleagues who sit outside the agreement on old AWAs and ITEAs. We need to push for clarity and certainty around this.

Pay is not the only item still being negotiated between the parties. It is critical that we show CBA that we will not lose focus on these just because they’ve moved towards a fairer pay increase:

  • We will not agree to the removal of RDOs.
  • We will not agree to IAs by another name becoming entrenched in the new agreement and continuing the rip offs of the last decade.
  • We will not agree to a reduced overtime calculation.
  • We will not agree to unfair minimums that don’t increase and don’t keep pace with the other major Banks.
  • We will not accept status quo on the resolution of disputes, we need a fairer process.

We moved them on sick leave, we moved them on pay, the finish line is in sight, but we need to continue our campaign to ensure that we end up with the fair agreement you deserve!

We’re still working through some details from yesterday’s meeting. We’ll be in touch with more detail about what’s next soon.

For now, FSU members should be holding their heads high.

In Unity,

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary