Your Health and Safety is #1

These are difficult times we are all working and living through. FSU NSW/ACT  members working in front line roles across our industry recently came together over Zoom to share experiences and concerns about what it means to be a front-line essential worker during COVID.

As we hear daily reports of increased COVID hotspots here in NSW, it was clear from your stories that frontline workers are experiencing an amplified level of stress and anxiety.

One of the common concerns we heard was the enforcement of social distancing measures.  Almost all the members on the zoom meeting reported that the enforcement of social distancing measures is difficult and can result in customer aggression or abuse.

Enforcing social distancing appears to be falling to already overworked staff as they attempt to balance their other duties.  This is unfair and front-line staff should have an additional dedicated marshal or guard to carry out this important function to protect their health and safety.

FSU members who attended the zoom meeting unanimously agreed that their health and safety is the number one priority during these difficult times.  It was agreed that all health and safety concerns, potential risks, as well as breaches of NSW health guidelines need to be reported immediately. These reports of course should be made to your employer, but you can also report them to FSU for advice or further action. 

Text or call our COVID hotline number 0488 857 378 to raise your health and safety issues.

It was great to see so many finance workers coming together to support each other and discuss solutions to shared issues.

Authorised by Joanne Nava, Acting Secretary, NSW/ACT Branch