Your Union and the Royal Commission

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

In the lead-up to the Royal Commission, and through the hot first two weeks of hearings, the FSU has been working to ensure that workers’ voices are heard.

In its opening days the Royal Commission went hard on the systemic drivers of misconduct. The FSU has worked consistently to put these issues in the spotlight. We will continue to push the focus onto the executives, institutional culture, and sales pressures that bring such costs for staff and customers.

From the early days of the lead-up – when an op-ed about non-disclosure clauses by our National Secretary reached number five on the Sydney Morning Herald online edition, and the banks agreed to waive confidentiality clauses that afternoon – to the start of hearings, when the Royal Commission targeted conflicted remuneration practices the FSU had flagged just days before, your FSU has been in the thick of it.

We know the issues in our sector are cultural and systemic, with workers being pressured into a risky sales culture to keep their jobs. The arrogant practices of banking executives perpetuate a predatory banking culture that rewards the worst behaviours – finance workers have been saying this for years.

To keep focus on the issues we know are important, we now have a chance to tell the Royal Commission what we have experienced. This is a chance for our stories to really be heard.

The FSU has built an online portal at where you can tell us your experience of toxic culture in the finance sector, so that this information can be presented to the Royal Commission. The FSU Portal is confidential and FSU will contact all contributors to discuss the next steps towards submitting to the Royal Commission.

Go to the FSU’s online Royal Commission Portal, add your voice, and make a difference:

FSU Submission to the Royal Commission

Through the hectic weeks of announcements and hearings, FSU has been working on our submission to the Royal Commission. Our stories of experiences at the front lines of the sector are a vital part of this.

We are responding appropriately to the Royal Commission’s requests for information, to ensure our voices are properly recognised as relevant. We are also standing up for workers and asking the questions no one else will ask, to frame the discussion in ways only we know.

The submission is focused on solutions for workers in the finance industry.

If you have been contacted by the Royal Commission, get in touch with your union and we will arrange legal advice and answer any questions you may have.

Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary