Attend a Restructure Aftermath
Zoom Meeting

Dear Member,

The last couple of months have been stressful due to the hundreds of jobs NAB has been restructuring, all during a pandemic when you’re already feeling anxious.

This letter was sent to NAB in search of answers. While it refers to Business & Private Banking, many of the concerns raised in the letter apply to other business units.

We’re hearing stories from members about positions being replaced by contractors, new positions created with insufficient details for members to make informed decisions, and members being blocked from applying for positions outside their departments.

Not to mention the increasing workloads and lack of access to overtime due to the reduction in staff.

Your voice matters, despite what NAB may feel.

We’re holding two follow-up Zoom meetings for you to share any further concerns and challenges that you are facing as a result of the restructures, and to raise any further questions that may need to be directed back to NAB.

Register for the meeting that suits your schedule best:

12-1pm – Monday, August 31st

12-1pm – Wednesday, September 2nd

Please invite colleagues who may be affected, but please note these meetings are for union members only. They can join here.

In Unity,
Your Union Team

PS If you are unable to attend either meeting, please email Organiser Louise at

Authorised by Nicole McPherson, VicTas State Secretary