You’re missing out on a pay increase

If you’re a Bendigo employee who is not on Grades 1 to 5, you won’t be getting a guaranteed pay increase as a result of the recent Enterprise Agreement (EA) negotiations. That’s because Bendigo refuses to expand the scope of coverage of the EA beyond those grades.

An EA provides vital protections for staff in the form of collectively negotiated entitlements and guaranteed wage increases which cannot be changed at the whim of your employer.

Bendigo Bank has changed significantly since the scope of coverage was determined more than 15 years ago, and it’s time those changes are reflected.

The Bank claims this isn’t a problem because no one has raised it as an issue, but we know that’s not true – they simply haven’t asked. We know no one wants to miss out on a pay increase, particularly at a time where cost-of-living pressures are on the rise.

Tell Bendigo Bank that you want to be covered by the Enterprise Agreement by sending them an email below.

Tell the Bank that you want to be covered

We have also written to Bendigo Bank CEO Marnie Baker to call for constructive discussions about expanding the scope of coverage. You can read our letter here.

Concerns or questions?

Talk to your local FSU workplace representative or reply to this email.

In unity,
Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary