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FSU Members advocate for industrial relations reform in Canberra

Together with other unions, FSU members Lisa Neatherway, Steve Howland, and Adrian Thoen recently travelled to Canberra to advocate for much-needed industrial relations reform.  

They met with MPs to highlight critical issues affecting workers, such as wage theft, sham contracting, and legal loopholes suppressing wages. 

Lisa Neatherway has been an FSU member for over 20 years, and emphasised the need for fairness and equity in the workplace. She spotlighted wage theft in various forms, from blatant underpayments to overlooked tea breaks, as a significant issue harming employees on multiple levels. 

“We need to hold employers accountable for their part in allowing this to continue,” Lisa said.  

An FSU member of over 33 years, Steve Howland echoed Lisa’s concerns.  

“Employers are taking advantage of legal loopholes to cut costs regardless of the consequences to the workers upon whom they rely,” he said.  

FSU member Adrian Thoen voiced concerns about the disparity between economic growth and equitable staff returns.  

“Staff are delivering higher productivity yet continue to receive diminished returns,” Adrian said. 

Our FSU members joined key union figures such as Australian Trade Council of Unions (ACTU) Secretary Sally McManus and ACTU President Michelle O’Neil in press conferences and discussions at Parliament House.  

It’s so important that our MPs support our push for industrial relations reform, and we thank them for listening to our stories. 


Authorised by Julia Angrisano