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Have you experienced sexual harassment or sexism at work?

In September 2018, the Australian Human Rights Commission released its report Everyone’s business: Fourth national survey on sexual harassment in Australian workplaces. The report detailed the findings of the Commission’s national survey which found sexual harassment to be widespread and pervasive in the workplace, with one in three people having experienced sexual harassment at work in the last five years.

Until now, finance workers have not been directly asked about their experiences with sexism in the workplace, including sexual harassment, despite the findings of the Commission.

Reports from members on their experiences have also raised concerns that sexual harassment of finance workers is not being adequately addressed. We also know that employers in the finance industry are likely to make use of non-disclosure agreements to prevent workers discussing their experiences.

The FSU would like to hear from you through an anonymous survey, designed to allow workers who have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace to share their experiences without breaking non-disclosure agreements.


Take the survey


If you have experienced sexual harassment or know someone else who has that has also signed a non-disclosure agreement, we’d encourage you to complete this survey anonymously.

The survey is open to all finance workers and should take less than 15 minutes to complete. Individual responses will be de-identified and used to underpin the FSU’s report on the experiences of finance workers. All responses will be treated in the strictest confidence, but we would be pleased to hear from workers who are willing to share their stories (these can be de-identified).

We encourage you to ask all of your colleagues to complete the survey so we get a broad snapshot of the experience of a range of finance workers across the country and the industry.


Help and support is available

If this survey has raised issues for you, we would encourage you to seek assistance with a trusted family member or friend. For urgent matters, you can contact 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732).

You can also contact the following organisations for advice and support in making a complaint:


If you require immediate assistance or feel that you are in danger, please contact the police by calling 000.

If you feel your workplace is unsafe, please give the FSU Member Rights Centre a call on 1300 366 378 or email us at fsuinfo@fsunion.org.au

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary