It’s time we say NO – Urgent FSU meeting today

RBA have made it abundantly clear they will not move on their pay offer despite strong feedback from staff that it is unacceptable and significantly lower than current inflation.

In our meetings this week, you’ve also told us you will reject this offer.

Now it’s time for us to say NO

RBA have completely ignored your feedback and have now decided to put this poor offer to ballot from 21 to 23 August, for staff covered by the Agreement (Levels 1 to 4). .

If this Agreement is voted up, it will put RBA staff at the bottom of the ladder in terms of pay and conditions when compared to our colleagues at NAB, ANZ, Bendigo Bank, Hostplus and Teachers Mutual Bank Limited.

RBA have rejected many of our claims, so now it’s time for us to reject their offer.

Join our urgent meeting today

Join our urgent meeting today, Thursday 10 August at 3pm, to make a plan so we can ensure as many RBA staff as possible vote no on this Agreement.


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It’s past time RBA takes us seriously – we can make our voices heard by voting NO on this unacceptable Agreement.  

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary