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Why we need to close job loopholes

Why we need to close job loopholes  

The Closing the Loopholes Bill aims to address some of the most pressing issues that millions of Australian workers face today, including wage theft, unfair contracts, and job security. 

Understanding the Bill 

The Bill aims to give casual workers more rights, further empower delegates, and establish stricter penalties for industrial manslaughter. If passed, it promises a brighter horizon for countless Australian workers. With workers’ wages stagnating over the past decade and many battling with rising living costs and housing challenges, there’s a pressing need to revamp workplace laws. But, as with many transformative legislations, not everyone is on board. 

Resistance from big business 

Australia’s corporate titans have made their displeasure about the Bill known, with many making audacious claims about the proposed changes. These objections come at an intriguing time when many of these businesses have just announced massive profits.  

The focal point of this resistance is the ad campaigns funded by Australia’s largest employer lobby groups. These groups can be seen as the “unions” for big businesses, often opposing proposals that advocate for better pay and enhanced job security for workers. 

Deciphering the misinformation 

Unsurprisingly, a closer look at these ad campaigns reveals that not much of what they present is the whole truth. Why would businesses resort to misinformation? Simply put, the government’s proposal unequivocally benefits workers with promises of job security and better wages. Facing such benefits head-on in a campaign would be a difficult battle, so some businesses resort to half-truths and outright falsehoods to present their case. 

The strategies employed by these businesses are clear: sowing seeds of confusion and fear among the public, trying to maintain the status quo that has benefited them for years. 

The reality for Australian workers 

The reality on the ground is a dire picture. Wages have not kept pace with inflation and the cost of living. Many workers today earn less in real terms than they did a decade ago. Coupled with the housing crisis, this wage stagnation has pushed many Australians into financial hardship. 

Big businesses have found ways around Australia’s workplace laws, using loopholes to suppress wages and degrade working conditions. High-profile companies like Qantas have recently been highlighted as examples, where legal gaps have been exploited to diminish wages, outsource jobs, and erode working conditions. 

We need to stay informed  

While the debate rages on, it’s crucial for every worker to be informed. Awareness can act as a countermeasure to misinformation. Every individual is encouraged to understand the true intentions behind big business campaigns and share this knowledge with their community. 

At its core, the Closing the Loopholes Bill seeks to modernise Australia’s workplace laws, ensuring protections for workers and propelling wages forward. This isn’t just about policy, it’s about securing a better future for all Australians. 


To learn more, or to see the research for yourself, head to: https://www.australianunions.org.au/campaigns/close-the-loopholes/ 

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary