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Win: $17,000 in severance payment reclaimed for FSU member

An FSU member found herself facing a whirlwind of challenges, from battling a medical condition while navigating redundancy to looking after an injured husband.  

At every turn, she found strength and support in the FSU – we ensured her workplace treated her fairly and with dignity, and helped win an additional $17,000 in severance payments for her.  

An uncertain future  

Our member was initially let go from her position at a large bank due to her workplace’s inability to accommodate her medical needs. 

She immediately turned to the FSU for assistance, and thanks to our union’s involvement, she was successfully reinstated. 

However, her sense of job security was short-lived, as her new role was made redundant shortly afterwards, and she was going to be forced to redeploy. 

She was facing the prospect of surgery and a significant recovery period, and found herself looking into further uncertainty. 

“My recovery time overlapped with the bank’s redeployment phase, which cast doubts about my future at the bank,” she said. 

“As if these challenges weren’t enough, my husband had also just suffered a severe work-related injury, further depleting my leave as I had to care for him. 

“Ultimately, the bank proposed that I take an early redundancy which I was happy to accept if it meant I could focus on my impending surgery and care for my injured husband.” 

FSU support leads to massive win 

However, when it came time to sign the deed of release she noticed something was amiss, so she again turned to the FSU. 

This proactive step led to the discovery of several discrepancies in the deed, including the understatement of her previous work hours and the erroneous classification of her employment status as the employee of a different bank. 

Furthermore, a crucial detail was found within the Enterprise Agreement that would entitle her to an additional severance sum of between $15,000 to $17,000. 

Had she signed the original deed, she would have unknowingly forfeited her right to a large amount of additional severance! 

Thanks to the corrected deed facilitated by the FSU, she was able to secure her rightful severance payout promptly. 

The FSU is in your corner  

The member said she was grateful to the FSU, particularly the Advocates that helped her along her journey. 

“They were beside me the whole time, they were brilliant,” she said. 

“Whenever I had to meet with management, they were always there. Their presence gave me confidence and comfort in those uncertain times. 

“From the moment I reached out for support, the FSU stood steadfastly by my side. Their dedication and expertise were nothing short of brilliant.” 

Her journey shows the importance of seeking the FSU’s help during workplace challenges. Her experience not only resulted in her securing her rightful benefits but also brought attention to procedural oversights that could potentially benefit many others in the future. 

“No matter the challenge you’re facing, remember that asking for help from your union is your right. 

“Nobody should ever feel apprehensive about reaching out for the help they deserve. After experiencing firsthand the difference the union made, I will always tell people to become members. 

“It’s crucial to have that support network; no one should go through the challenges that I did alone.” 

If you’re not already a member of the FSU, join today. Together, we can champion fairness and equity in the finance sector for individuals just like this member, you, and countless others. 

If you require support or assistance, contact the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378. 

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary