WIN: BOQ staff have voted YES on our new EA

Congratulations! You and your colleagues have overwhelmingly voted YES  on our new Enterprise Agreement (EA) at BOQ Group.

A total of 72.7% of BOQ staff participated in the ballot and 90% voted yes.

We’ve won 11.25% in pay increases over 3 years which now apply to 90% of staff. No cuts to existing entitlements like redundancies, and better regulation of working hours and workloads.

For an overview of what we’ve achieved in this new Enterprise Agreement, click here.

This improved EA shows us that when we work together with our colleagues and have our say, we win!

But to secure our gains and achieve even better outcomes in the future, we need a strong and active union membership across BOQ Group – we need you or your colleagues to join us!

If you’re not yet an FSU member, now is the time to join and secure a stronger future at BOQ Group. If you’re already a member, ask a colleague to join and help make us even stronger!

Congratulations on this win.

Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary