22 September 2023

Women in finance fall even further behind

In the finance industry, women have to work an even greater number of days just to earn the same annual salary as their male counterparts.

That’s an additional 86 days of work for women in finance, as compared to the additional 56 days for all industries.

That’s why Equal Pay Day falls on Sunday 24 September for the finance industry.

And while the gender pay gap sits at 13% across all industries, for finance workers the gap is again greater at 19%.

It’s vital we continue to shine a light on and raise awareness about the gender pay gap, it’s one of the best ways for us to advocate for change and make workplaces more equitable. You can visit the Workplace Gender Equality Agency website for more information and ideas about how you can help.

We’re also working to shine a light on and stamp out sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace – please take our anonymous survey and tell us how well your work place manages this or share any personal experiences with us.

In unity,

Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary