2 August 2023

ART WIN: Unfair performance management stopped

We’ve got some great news! We’ve successfully stopped an unfair performance management process for several of our FSU members at Australian Retirement Trust (ART).

ART had recently started performance managing some staff even though they were meeting all their performance objectives and there were no concerns with their behaviour.

Our members were understandably distraught and concerned. The FSU immediately raised a dispute on behalf of our members which put a pause on the process while further investigations were carried out.

In fantastic news, ART management have now agreed that there are no performance issues, and performance management plans for all of our members will be immediately stopped.

In addition, all records of performance management will be removed from their files.

We’re thrilled to have stood up for our members and supported them through what would have been a very stressful and uncertain time. Congratulations on this great win!

This is just one of the reasons it pays to be an FSU member. Haven’t yet joined? What are you waiting for? Join the team that’s winning for you.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary