Return to office mandate – we’re in dispute

This week, we have written to CBA’s Sian Lewis to raise a dispute regarding the return to office mandate.

You’ll recall this mandate was announced by Sian Lewis at the end of May without any consultation whatsoever.

At our request, CBA representatives met with us on 20 June (Sian did not show up) so we could outline our concerns about the top-down direction, the lack of consultation and the significant impact this will have on members.

CBA has not even had the decency of responding to the genuine and significant concerns we raised on your behalf at that meeting.

We have sought to deal with this issue in a collaborative manner but regrettably the Bank’s failure to act and the imminent 17 July deadline (when the mandate comes into effect) has left us with no other option but to raise a dispute in accordance with your Enterprise Agreement.

Read our dispute letter here

To solve the mess CBA have created we are calling on the Bank to:

  1. Repeal the mandate of 22 May 2023 and maintain the status quo;
  2. Engage in a consultation process with the FSU and affected staff in accordance with clause 37 of the Agreement; and
  3. Offer to all staff currently working from home, a remote working arrangement under clause 22 of the Agreement on mutually agreeable terms.

We will keep you updated as this progresses. In the meantime, join dozens of CBA workers like yourself and tell Sian directly how this mandate impacts you.

Not a member? Join your FSU today. The stronger we are, the bigger and better outcomes can be achieved.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary