31 March 2023


The Commonwealth Bank’s massive profits have not prevented the bank from closing another three branches, further disadvantaging older customers and sacking another 19 staff.

The CBA has told the Finance Sector Union (FSU) it will close branches in Guildford (NSW), Wanneroo (WA), and Mountain Gate (Vic).

FSU National Secretary Julia Angrisano said the CBA should extend its commitment to hold a moratorium on all branch closures, not just in regional areas, while the Senate investigates regional branch closures.

“The CBA should stop all branch closures across the country and wait until the findings of the Senate Inquiry are delivered before it even thinks about shutting more branches”

“The CBA is the most profitable bank in Australia and can afford to put customers, communities and staff first”

“Unfortunately, CBA only thinks about its super profits at the expense of everyone.”

“Staff are dealing with increasing workloads in all branches, departments and call centres and are seriously understaffed.”

“This is not sustainable and the FSU will be telling the bank how unhappy staff are in the current round of Enterprise Agreement negotiations.”

“We know 53 per cent of CBA staff are thinking of moving on and finding better paying jobs.”

“If the CBA is to retain experienced staff it needs to pay them well and start treating employees as if it values them.”

“The continued closure of branches is creating a real sense of job insecurity amongst CBA workers and is bad for morale.”

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary