Help shape our pay and conditions at IAG

We currently have a unique opportunity at IAG to shape the future of our pay, conditions and the way in which we work.

Our current Enterprise Agreement (EA) will expire in December. We’re opening up our IAG EA survey now so that we can be prepared and in the best position before we begin bargaining for a new Agreement.

What matters most to you?

Is it your pay? Leave? Flexible work arrangements? Workloads? Tell us now – complete our survey.

Complete the survey here

We want our new EA to be positive and progressive. Let’s make these negotiations all about us!

We need everyone from across every area of IAG to complete the survey and have a say.

We deserve fair pay and conditions

IAG have recently announced a massive profit of over $800 million – this is up by a massive 140% from last year. IAG can clearly afford to provide their workforce with better pay and conditions.

We work hard. We deserve abetter share of these profits. But it’s also up to us to pursue it.

For pay and conditions to be better, fairer and more respectful of our contribution to IAG – we must work together. Let’s get as many of our colleagues tuned in and engaged in this process.

Complete the survey today. Share it with your colleagues at work and ask them to complete it too.

If you’re not yet an FSU member, now is the time to join and support the team that’s working for you.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary