27 September 2023

Union WIN - 90% vote in favour of our new CBA EA

The results are in!

Congratulations to every FSU member on our new CBA Enterprise Agreement (EA) – 90% of you voted in favour of the Agreement, with 79% of staff participating in the vote.

We’ve won pay increases over the next 3 years and other improvements to staffing, workloads and remote working rights.

Here’s what union members have won:

  • Increases to pay and allowances over the next 3 years.
  • Additional staffing and workloads protections. We now have a standalone clause – easier to see, understand and utilise.
  • Improvements to leave including improved Parental Leave, compassionate leave, domestic and family violence leave and gender affirmation leave.
  • Flexible and remote working rights.
  • Improved protections around tea/rest breaks – no one will ever go without either taking a tea break or payment for one ever again.

More detail on what will be in your new EA can be found here.

CBA will now lodge the proposed EA with the Fair Work Commission for approval.

This is a great result and a testament to the hard work and commitment of members to seeing the process through.

It shows we’re stronger together.

Are you an FSU member? If not, join today and be part of the team that has won you pay increases and improved working conditions.

In unity,

Your FSU

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary