19 September 2023

Vote Yes for your new EA at CBA – voting opens today!

Voting opens today, Tuesday 19 September on our proposed Enterprise Agreement (EA) at CBA – and we’re encouraging you to vote YES.

This improved EA is a result of union members working together and making our voices heard.

You’ll be voting YES for a new EA that delivers:

  • Pay increases for the majority of staff over the next 3 years.
  • A guaranteed wage increase for the majority of packaged staff in the first year and guaranteed component in the remaining years.
  • An improved workload and staffing clause.
  • An improved remote working clause.
  • A mechanism to provide payment for missed tea breaks.
  • Enhanced leave entitlements, including parental leave.
  • Improved redeployment, consultation and union rights.

See a summary of the changes proposed in the new Enterprise Agreement.

How do I make my vote count?

To secure the improvements that members have fought for and won, a majority of CBA colleagues need to vote YES. Every vote is crucial.

What do I need to know about voting Yes?

The voting period is from 10am (AEST) Tuesday 19 September to 5pm (AEST) Monday 25 September. The vote is being conducted by CorpVote either online or by phone. Your vote is confidential. If you are eligible to vote you will receive an email at the commencement of the ballot period with a unique Voter Access Code. If you do not receive this, contact CorpVote on 1300 710 950.


For any other questions about voting or the proposed EA, email fsuinfo@fsunion.org.au

If you’re not yet an FSU member, now is the time to join! Or if you’re already a member, ask a colleague to join with you!

In unity,

Your FSU Team


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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary