WIN: Hundreds of thousands of dollars in weekend pay saved for Suncorp staff

Thanks to everyone’s tireless efforts, we’ve succeeded in stopping Suncorp from offshoring the weekend work of the Motor Claims team. This has saved staff hundreds of thousands of dollars in weekend pay.

We know many Suncorp members were under enormous stress due to the disastrous impacts this action would have on their lifestyle and finances, with some staff facing pay losses of up to $27,000.

We worked closely together to raise a dispute with Suncorp under our Enterprise Agreement, including writing to key stakeholders to step in.

Our actions made Suncorp re-evaluate their decision to offshore weekend work and further consult with impacted workers.

This is a fantastic outcome that has not only saved weekend work at Suncorp but has secured the financial income of staff and their families.


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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary