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Finance Sector Union (FSU) Statement on the war in Palestine and Israel

20 November 2023

The FSU is alarmed by the escalating violence and humanitarian crisis occurring in Gaza and extend our solidarity to all Palestinian and Israeli victims of the violence. 

A catastrophic situation is now unfolding. Civilian populations are trapped beneath an unrelenting bombing campaign, the medical services in Gaza are increasingly unable to treat those desperate for help, and the shutting off of electricity, water and food is leading to a widespread humanitarian crisis. 

We are troubled at the large number of civilian deaths, and we grieve for the many lives lost and innocent people injured in the escalating violence. Our thoughts are with those currently living under the immense suffering of war. 

We condemn all acts of violence including acts of terror against civilians; violence and deprivation on the basis of nationality, ethnicity, race or religion; the killing and forcible displacement of civilians; torture in all its forms; the taking of hostages; the attacking of civilian infrastructure; the denial of humanitarian aid and essentials such as food, water, medicine, fuel and electricity; and all forms of war. 

The FSU condemns those who support the violent terrorising of civilians and those who call for escalation, retaliation, and the commission of crimes against humanity or other war crimes. 

We have a strong commitment to a peaceful world and defend the protection of all cultures and peoples and their rights to live peacefully, free from fear, deprivation, dispossession, and attack. 

Alongside the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), the FSU calls for all sides and the international community to act for peace. Getting humanitarian aid into Gaza, the release of the hostages and an immediate ceasefire are the first steps on a road out of this crisis. A road that leads us away from war and violence and towards a peaceful future. 

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary