Know your rights when changes happen at work

We know that changes in the workplace can leave us feeling concerned about where we stand, especially when there hasn’t been enough consultation.

Change is a constant at HESTA. We’re seeing the scope of our roles change, along with the structure of our teams. Reporting lines are shifting and our roles are evolving.

In this environment, when does HESTA need to consult with us? What are their obligations, and what are our responsibilities?

Join us at an online information session at 11:00am on the 3rd of August 2023 where Nicole McPherson, our National Assistant Secretary, will arm you with all you need to know about what your rights when these changes happen, and how we can improve our conditions.

Register now: 3 August, 11:00am AEST

Come along to make sure you are informed and empowered to manage change.

In unity,
Your FSU Team

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary