10 November 2023

Major changes across ANZ Group Risk Department – your union is here for you

ANZ has announced a significant restructure across the Group Risk department.

These proposed changes will result in 214 roles being made redundant and staff will need to participate in a preference and selection process.

The FSU is holding urgent consultation meetings for anyone impacted by these changes. Be sure to forward them this email and ask them to register too, or speak to an Organiser in person.


Monday 13 November, 12pm (AEDT) – REGISTER HERE

In person

Tuesday 14 November, Level 1, Room 1c.12, 833 Collins St, Melbourne: Please contact FSU organiser William Wong on 0423 821 779 to arrange a specific time.

If you cannot make one of these sessions reply to this email and your local FSU Organiser will get in touch.

Know your rights on consultation

Under the ANZ Enterprise Agreement, you have rights during the consultation periods of significant change. Importantly, ANZ is required to:

  • Consult with you about the introduction of these proposed changes.
  • Talk with you about the effects the changes are likely to have on you.
  • Consider your feedback and any proposed alterations you have.
  • Implement measures to avert or mitigate the adverse effects of the changes.

Consultation closes on Wednesday 15 November, so we need to act quickly to ensure you and your colleagues’ questions and concerns are heard.

Questions and feedback

For any other questions, email fsuinfo@fsunion.org.au.

If you’re not yet an FSU member, now is the time to join! Or if you’re already a member, ask a colleague to join with you!

Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary