14 November 2023

RBA new offer does not meet member expectations - Urgent FSU Meetings

Yesterday RBA management announced that the Governor and broader Executive Committee intend to put out their latest Workplace Agreement proposal to another all-staff ballot. This is despite receiving wide and strongly felt feedback that staff feel undervalued and are struggling to keep up with cost of living pressures.

Urgent FSU Meetings

Join one of our urgent FSU meetings on Wednesday 15 November, 7pm (ADST) OR Thursday 16 November, 12.30pm (ADST) to hear what the Bank’s latest proposal will mean for all of us.

Register – Wednesday 15 November, 7pm (ADST)

Register – Thursday 16 November, 12.30pm (ADST)

Since a majority of us rejected the Bank’s original proposal in August, the Governor has agreed to only a few changes that will still leave all of us behind our colleagues across the finance industry and APS. These changes include:

  • An additional 0.2% increase in base salary over the life of the agreement. This would lock us into just 11.2% over three years – 4% for year one, 3.7% for year two, and 3.5% for year three.
  • A one-off cash payment of $1,000. We would receive considerably less than this amount after tax is taken out and there would be no compounding increase to our base salary.
  • Paid emergency services leave increased to 20 days a year.
  • NO to protecting current RDO entitlements.
  • NO to recognising working from home arrangements in the Workplace Agreement.

Join one of our FSU meetings this week to hear about the critical next steps.

Please make sure your colleagues are aware of these meetings and invite them to come with you. If you’re not already an FSU member, make sure you join and have your say.

Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary