This is not ok RBA!

RBA has announced they intend to once again walk away from pay discussions and push a below cost of living increase onto staff. This is insulting and disrespectful to all of us who have given so much over these last few difficult years.

Pledge to vote NO when the ballot for this inferior Agreement opens on 28 November.

Pledge to vote no

How is it ok…?

  • How is it ok that RBA has added a measly 0.7% to the original rejected offer knowing that all of us are under enormous financial pressure right now.
  • How is it ok that RBA throw so little our way while our finance industry and APS colleagues have the potential to receive so much more?
  • How is it ok that RBA has increased their Executives’ salaries in September 2023 and yet refused to provide the same courtesy to all of us, and have removed our backpay when the Agreement is finalised?
  • How is it ok that RBA has delayed our real pay increases while pitching a one-off cash payment that will drop dramatically after tax and will have no compounding benefits to our base salary?
  • How is it ok that the RBA refuses to commit that no one will be worse off as a result from a future RDO review?
  • How is it ok that so many other employers across the industry are protecting working from home arrangements in their Agreements while RBA just says NO?

We all deserve better than this. It’s not ok for RBA to lock us into a decreasing wage cycle over the next three years.

Don’t forget, our colleagues at APS are unhappy with their inferior Agreement too and want a better offer.

It’s time to vote NO once again

Vote NO on 28 November when the ballot opens, and let’s bring RBA back to the table for a respectful and serious discussion about how our pay will grow over the next three years.

Pledge to vote no



Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary