Time to vote on your new Bendigo Enterprise Agreement 2023

Earlier this week, those covered by the Bendigo Adelaide Bank Enterprise Agreement 2018 – 2021 (the current EA) should have received an email from Bendigo, which details the proposed Bendigo Adelaide Bank Enterprise Agreement 2023 – 2026 (the proposed EA).

 Your Bargaining Team has secured an agreement that provides improvements on the current EA, and represents the best outcome that can be achieved through negotiation. It is clear that the Bank is unwilling to move any further with their proposed pay position and one-off payment.


The following changes have been achieved:


Pay and allowances

  • Increases to pay as follows:
    • 1 Dec 2023 – 5%
    • 1 Dec 2024 – 3.5%*
    • 1 Dec 2025 – 3.5%*
  • A one-off “cost-of-living” payment of $500 – this is not pro-rated for part-timers and is subject to tax.
  • Increases to Uniform and Meal Allowances of $1 for each year of the Agreement.
  • Removal of Junior Rates meaning everyone will be paid the same rate regardless of age.

*Subject to compliance and learning gateway (the Bank’s proposed Performance Gateway and maximum pay limit barriers have been removed).

Staffing and workloads

  • The right for employees to request a review of workloads and staffing levels at their workplace.
  • New requirement on Bendigo to consider customer service levels and demands when determining staffing levels.
  • New requirement on Bendigo to replace vacancies in a timely manner (subject to business needs).

Leave improvements

  • Lifestyle Leave – new entitlement to 3 days paid lifestyle leave for all employees with no eligibility requirements.
  • Parental Leave – increased from 12 weeks to 16 weeks for primary carers, 4 weeks for secondary carers. Reduced qualifying terms meaning they can now be accessed from 6 months rather than 12 months.
  • Fertility Treatment Leave – introduction of 5 days paid leave for employees undergoing fertility treatment.
  • Family and Domestic Violence Leave – is uncapped and available to those directly affected and those helping others who are affected.
  • First Nations Cultural and Ceremonial Leave – 5 days paid leave for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees to participate in cultural or ceremonial practices.
  • Gender Affirmation Leave – introduction of 6 weeks paid leave to support those who affirm their gender.


Flexible work

  • The introduction of hybrid work arrangements, which includes the recognition of your right to disconnect, and provides a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice of change or termination.


Job security

  • The Bank will adhere to the Australian Banking Associations Branch Closures Protocol, when implementing changes concerning the closure of branches.


Union rights, consultation, and dispute resolution

  • Requirement that the Bank must notify affected employees and the FSU as part of their consultation when undertaking major workplace changes.
  • Inclusion of the Fair Work Commission as an independent umpire, as part of the Dispute Resolution Process instead of an employer funded independent mediator/arbitrator.
  • Recognition of the FSU’s new rules and structures enabling Bendigo employees paid leave to participate in the democratic functions of the FSU.

What happens next?

You will soon have the chance to vote on the proposed EA. The Bank has released further information and summary documents, and indicated that it will hold an electronic ballot from midday (AEST) Tuesday 8 August until midday (AEST) Friday 11 August. We expect that the result will be known very soon after the ballot closes.


What if I am not covered by the proposed EA?

Coverage arrangements will not change under the proposed EA. The Bank was unwilling to expand the coverage beyond Grades 1 – 5 this time. We will hold special member meetings to discuss what this means for those who are salaried in the coming weeks after the result of the ballot is known.



If you have any questions, please reach out to your Union Representative or contact FSU Organiser Kris Recke on 0434 162 488 or by email to Kristopher.Recke@fsunion.org.au

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary