8 September 2023

Union win! Your new Bendigo Enterprise Agreement is approved

Following your resounding yes vote of 89% in favor, the Fair Work Commission has now approved your new Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Enterprise Agreement 2023 which applies from today.

A copy of your new Agreement can be found here.

Together, FSU members have won:

  • Increases to pay and allowances over the next 3 years.
  • A $500 one-off cost of living payment to be paid in the next full pay period.
  • Additional staffing and workloads protections.
  • Flexible work rights including the right to disconnect.
  • Improved consultation, dispute resolution and union rights!

And from today, Bendigo workers can now access:

  • Improved parental leave of 16 weeks for the primary carer and 4 weeks for the secondary carer.
  • A new entitlement to 5 days paid fertility treatment support leave.
  • 5 days paid First Nations cultural and ceremonial leave.
  • 6 weeks paid gender affirmation support leave.
  • Access to unlimited family and domestic violence leave.

Your new Enterprise Agreement shows what can be achieved when we work together with our colleagues.

To secure our gains and achieve even better outcomes in the future, we need a strong and active union membership across Bendigo – we need you or your colleagues to join us!

If you’re not yet an FSU member, now is the time to join and secure a stronger future at Bendigo.

If you’re already a member, ask a colleague to join and help make us even stronger!

Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary