4 July 2023

What does a 4.5% pay increase mean for you?

We recently met with AustralianSuper to continue negotiations for our new Enterprise Agreement. In our meeting, AustralianSuper put forward a 4.5% pay increase for year one of the Agreement, and a 4% increase for years two and three.


Bargaining update 

Read about AustralianSuper’s current proposal at the table here.

You can see the FSU team’s positions here.


The rising cost of living 

The FSU pay proposal will ensure your pay does not go backwards with the 12 month inflation to March 2023 at 7%.

Many of us are already struggling in one of the worst cost-of-living crises we have ever seen, with the cost of basic necessities like housing, food, heating and medical care continue to spiral upward.

We simply cannot afford to see our real wages go backward.

As we continue to bargain for a fair pay increase, tell us what the cost-of-living pressures mean for you.

We’ll keep your message anonymous and represent your voices at the bargaining table so AustralianSuper understand why a real pay increase is so important right now.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary